Seosan Reclamation Lakes A and B, December 2nd and 3rd

Bird News from Nial Moores

As part of Birds Korea’s research collaboration with the Oriental Stork Reintroduction Program, two days driving around rice-fields in Seosan (thanks Park Meena!). Among more than 60 species logged the highlight was a total of 17-18 Oriental Storks, including six banded (i.e. released) birds and one bird carrying a data-logger (considered likely to be from Russia).

Banded Oriental Stork Ciconia boyciana © Nial Moores

Other species of note included a single adult Snow Goose (on the 3rd); 10,000+ Tundra Bean and 25,000+ Greater White-fronted Geese; four Lesser White-fronted Geese on 2nd and 1+ on 5th; a single Tundra Swan with 118+ Whooper Swan; 45 Baikal Teal; one Japanese Quail; 7-8 Cinerous Vulture; single Northern Goshawk and Hen Harrier; five White-tailed Eagle; one Rough-legged  Buzzard; 15 Hooded Crane (two of which at least were obvious Hooded X Common Cranes);  a total of 88 Northern Lapwing; a Short-eared Owl; two Dusky Warbler; a Red-throated Pipit in with 40 Buff-bellied Pipits; 1-2 Ochre-rumped and 30+ Pallas’s Reed Buntings; and a single flock of at least 700 Lapland Longspur.

Large numbers of geese departing at dawn from Lake A © Nial Moores
Tundra Bean Anser serrirostris and Greater White-fronted Geese Anser albifrons © Nial Moores
Hooded Cranes Grus monacha © Nial Moores
Short-eared Owl Asio flammeus © Nial Moores
Amur Leopard Cat at dawn © Nial Moores

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