Birds Korea: Number 25 Best Bird Blog in the World

This week we received a mail from Feedspot telling us  that the Birds Korea Blog is currently ranked among the top 80 “Bird Blogs and Websites for Ornithologists and Bird Lovers” in the world. A quick check, and it seems that our blog is ranked number 25 –  and number 2 among hundreds of bird blogs based outside of the UK and North America.

It is very encouraging that we are still getting heard – even though it feels like we have been speaking in more of a whisper than a roar these past few years.

So a big thank you to all who have contributed images and posts, and of course to everyone who follows and supports Birds Korea.

Below are just two of the many reasons why we do this work…

BUSAN, KoreaResearch on and advocacy for “spoonies” and their tidal-flat habitat: Juvenile Spoon-billed Sandpiper at the Nakdong Estuary © Jan van de Kam for Birds Korea. Birds Korea was among the very first organisations on the Flyway to take up the conservation cause of this charismatic and Critically Endangered species, both working within Korea and doing what we can to support the work of “SBS in China” – our outstanding colleagues across the Yellow Sea.

rs-workshopDSC00392Research and Planning – our survey work in the ROK and in the northern provinces of Korea aims to support local people, scientists and decision-makers alike.  Here, our survey results at Samilpo are fed into the delineation of the DPRK’s first potential Ramsar site. Conservation science, perhaps more than ever before, is urgently needed to help bring people together peacefully –  so that together we can develop win-win approaches toward genuinely sustainable development for the benefit of everybody and every species ©  Nial Moores.





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