Hangang and Yeoncheon, February 16

Bird News from Dr. Bernhard Seliger with Dr. Choi, Hyun-Ah and Mr. Felix Glenk

On February 16, a survey by the team of Hanns-Seidel-Foundation, Dr. Bernhard Seliger, Dr. Choi, Hyun-Ah and Mr. Felix Glenk, was carried out along the Han river and Imjin river up to the Yeoncheon wetland peace park in the Civilian Control Zone (CCZ). We saw seven White-tailed sea eagles, 68 Red-crowned cranes, 149 White-naped cranes, two Whooper swans and large numbers of Bean goose and greater White-fronted goose. Among the goose, there was one single Cackling goose (Branta hutchinsii).  Also, there were Korean water deer, wild boars and a leopard cat seen, rather unintimidated by people in the CCZ.

1 - White-tailed Sea Eagle

Immature White-tailed Eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla) on the ice of the Imjin River © Bernhard Seliger

2 - Cackling goose and Bean Goose

Cackling goose (Branta hutchinsii) and Bean goose (Anser fabalis) on the Imjin River © Felix Glenk

3 - Red-crowned cranes and wild boar

Red-crowned cranes (Grus japonica) and a Wild boar (Sus scrofa) © Bernhard Seliger

4 - mixed cranes

A mixed flock of White-naped cranes (Grus vipio) and Red-crowned cranes (Grus japonica) in the Yeoncheon border area © Felix Glenk

5 - Vultures

Cinereous vultures (Aegypius monachus) at the Imjin river bank © Felix Glenk

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