Albino Eurasian Nuthatch observed in Gyeonggi-do

Mr. Jo Seong-sik Nim observed and photographed this albino Eurasian Nuthatch at a park in Gwacheon-si, Gyeonggi-do.

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Why are albinos such a rare sight?

Like most reported albinos, this Eurasian Nuthatch has striking white feathering and abnormal leg colouration but lacks the pink eyes of a true albino. Still, because of its conspicous features, its chances to survive long in the wild are lessened. Unfortunately, albinos are more likely to fall prey to predators and are even shunned by other birds. Let’s hope this one beats the odds.

To learn more about abnormal feather colouration, click here.

One comment on “Albino Eurasian Nuthatch observed in Gyeonggi-do

  1. Wow, fantastic images. The definition of what is an ‘albino’ seems to change all the time. I was always told there was no such thing as a ‘partial albino’ – an animal was either albino or it wasn’t. An animal with dark eyes was leucisiic. The link you give seems to contradict that information. I wonder which is now correct. Not that it really matters: this is a notable bird and extremely good photos either way, so congrats on getting them!

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