Amur Birding Blog: First recovery from South Korea

For the past five years, the Amur Bird Project at Muraviovka Park in Far East Russia have been establishing a long-term monitoring project for both breeding and migrant birds, with the aims of improving knowledge of migration, trends in populations, and the proportion of birds that survive from year to year, helping us to better understand what is happening to birds where they live, which is vital for conservation.

They have ringed more than 27,000 birds of more than 150 species. They’ve also produced more than 5000 local re-traps, with only an exceptional few to be re-trapped or re-sighted outside of the park. Interestingly, on October 16 2015, a ringed Olive-backed Pipit 힝둥새 was photographed by Kim Hyeong-Ji in Ansan, which is 1,375 km south of the park, only a few days or weeks after ringing. This is the first time a re-sighting of a ringed bird from the park has been reported from South Korea.

Please visit the Amur Birding Blog to read more about this exciting news:

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