Experts join ‘SBS in China’ to develop a wader ringing program on the Jiangsu coast

SBS in China and a group of international wader experts (Nigel Clark of BTO, Guy Anderson from RSPB, Richard Hearn from WWT, Ewan Weston from Highland Ringing Group and David Melvile from New Zealand) were in China to join Professor Chang Qin of Nanjing Normal University and Jing Li and colleagues of SBS in China, the Task Force member for Eastern China, to develop a wader ringing program on the Jiangsu coast.

The main objectives of the visit were to individually mark some Spoonies at a location away from the breeding grounds and set up a wader ringing program to help develop studies of the importance of the Jiangsu coast for a wide range of species.

  Spoon-billled sandpiper in hand © Nigel Clark (BTO) and Jing Li (SBS in China)

To read more about the program and find out more about the visit, please check out the EAAFP website:

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