Winter Bird Tours in the ROK

Do you want to see Scaly-sided Mergansers and Baikal TealSteller’s Sea Eagle and Red-crowned Crane Siberian and White-naped Crane? Siberian Accentor and Pallas’s Rosefinch? To look through flocks of Slaty-backed and Vega Gulls to pick out Mongolian and Glaucous-winged Gulls? To have close encounters with Ancient Murrelets and Spectacled Guillemots?

In short, do you want to enjoy and experience some of the most exciting birding that East Asia has to offer this winter?

If so, how about joining the Zoothera Birding Tour to Korea this January:

(With part of the fee going direct to Birds Korea)

Or contact < Nial.Moores at >

Fees from tours really DO help to support our conservation work

A few species seen well during winter birding tours in early 2015…

BirdsKorea_archive_Scaly-sided-MerganserScaly-sided Merganser © Robin Newlin

siberiancrane_rs1Siberian Crane © Nial Moores

redcrownedcrane_rsRed-crowned Crane © Nial Moores


flock-BaikalTeal2_rsBaikal Teal © Nial Moores

hazelmar22-rsHazel Grouse © Nial Moores

Siberian-Accentor_NM-dark-1Siberian Accentor © Nial Moores

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