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A message received today from the wonderful Australasian Wader Studies Group (AWSG), Birds Korea’s partners during the Saemangeum Shorebird Monitoring Program (2006-2008). The AWSG has been a lead organisation in shorebird conservation on this Flyway for many years. They now need support to help understand more about the Grey Plover, one of the few shorebirds both to over-winter and migrate through Korea.

Their request:

Dear AWSG members and supporters,

 We’re excited about setting up a  project for the migratory season to learn more about the elusive and mysterious Grey Plover. We’re hoping you will help us to raise the funds we need to find answers to questions.           

 Do you know that almost all the Grey Plover which migrate to Australia are female!  Where are the males?

 It is a shorebird whose numbers are in decline. Why?

With the aid of transmitters to monitor their migration routes and breeding sites we hope to identify how we can halt this decline. Transmitters are expensive. But they are also the most effective way of studying shorebird migration.

 We’re also excited to be trying out POZIBLE’s innovative crowd funding website to raise the funds – we’ve set ourselves a target of $17,680 to raise in two months.  Just follow the link below to pledge  to this fantastic project so we can have  it up and running in time for the 2016 migratory season. Also take a  look at the exciting rewards we have on offer.

Why not get together with a group from your work or community to raise funds and have your very own bird to name and follow next season?

 (Note: all donations – except rewards –  are tax deductible)


 With best wishes,

The Pozible Project Team –  Danny Rogers, Inka Veltheim, Clive Minton & Ken Gosbell        

Farewell Shorebirds

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Farewell Shorebirds 21 March – 19 April.

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