Songdo, February 1

Bird News from Spike Millington

My first check of Gojan mudflats this winter, on a sunny but cold afternoon, saw an adult White-tailed Eagle putting up the Common Shelduck on the rising tide. A couple of hundred Mallard and Northern Shoveler stayed on the water. On the mud edge 100 Common Gulls rested with 20 Saunders’s Gull and 2 Relict Gulls. Waders were represented by a tight flock of 2-300 Eurasian Curlews, 30 Grey Plover and 50 Dunlin. Two additional White-tailed Eagles were squabbling on a small offshore sand spit. Over 100 Saunders’s Gull came in on the falling tide and 400 Common Shelducks foraged along the shoreline. Water levels on nearby Namdong Reservoir were very low and relatively few ducks remained, 200 Eurasian Teal, 100 Northern Pintail and 20 Spot-billed Ducks.

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