Hwapo Cheon, December 13

Bird News from Jason Loghry

Had a really wonderful day with several students (up to 200!) from many of the different schools (elementary, middle, and high) of the Gimhae school district. This event was organized by the Gyeongsannamdo UNESCO Associated Schools Chapter. We first visited the hometown of the late President Roh Mu-hyeon. Then we made a stop at Hwapo Cheon where students were able to experience and learn more about one of our local wetlands for wintering waterbirds. Finally, we finished at a local shopping outlet to campaign and raise awareness for better education, facilities, and clean water for some of our world’s regions of need.

At Hwapo Cheon, our time was limited but students made teams and were given tasks to achieve around the wetland. It was very cold but still the students were enthusiastic. Students were remarkably quiet completing tasks, as one of their objectives was to minimize the impact of disturbance. Birds observed at the event included Dusky Thrush, Daurian Redstart, several Mallard, a few flocks of Taiga Bean Geese in flight, Rook, Korean Magpie, Large-billed Crow and 200+ Cinereous Vulture. We were all really impressed with this last species. We were able to view them in close proximity in flight and on the rice fields because someone was feeding them nearby.


Students on their way to the stream, © Jason Loghry


Cinereous Vulture Aegypius monachus, © Jason Loghry

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