Flyway news NZ: Events planned for Year of the Godwit 2015

From Fuseworks Media:

Events planned for Year of the Godwit 2015

Thursday, 11 December, 2014 – 09:42

“Celebrating the amazing journey of NZ migratory birds, next year the Pukorokoro Miranda Naturalists’ Trust is commemorating its 40th anniversary, as Year of the Godwit 2015. From the 18th March among events being planned is a series of free public lectures by eminent international experts on the precarious future of these fascinating shorebirds.

Working in North Korea is just the latest step for a small group concerned about the future of New Zealand’s migratory shorebirds. Pukorokoro Miranda Naturalists’ Trust has signed an agreement with officials in Pyongyang to investigate shorebird sites on the coast of North Korea.

‘The idea is to work with North Korean colleagues to survey coastal sites and count birds staging there during migration,’ said Pukorokoro Miranda Shorebird Centre Manager Keith Woodley. ‘This follows on from work we have been doing in China for the last ten years, and will fill a significant gap in our knowledge of shorebirds in the Yellow Sea region.’

Filling such knowledge gaps is urgently required because the epic migration of shorebirds from New Zealand to their Arctic breeding grounds is in imminent danger of collapse.”

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