Junam Reservoir, October 3

Birds News from Jason Loghry

With a few hours free this afternoon I decided to have a quick walk at Junam Reservoir. It was clear and sunny, almost a perfect day. At my first stop, it was nice to see a small flock of Bean Geese (8) flying overhead. There weren’t many birds on the main lake, but still there were a few surprises including (6) Pheasant-tailed Jacana. I was only able to view them from a distance, but none were in breeding plumage, and I’ve read that juveniles resemble adults in non-breeding/winter plumage. They were feeding on some floating vegetation. The birds that I looked carefully at lacked yellow on the sides of the neck sides. Other birds on the main lake include Little Grebe (8), Common Pochard (19), Tufted Duck (3), Gadwall (10), and Falcated Duck (2). At Dongpan, there were about 700+ ducks, mostly Gadwall, with some Mallard, Eastern Spot-billed Duck, a few Northern Pintail, and a single Greater White-fronted Goose.

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