North Han River, June 4

Bird news from Subhojit Chakladar

Early morning (well … 8:30am is not so early actually) at a popular tourist resort with Robin Newlin, who showed me the juvenile Northern Scops Owl. The fledgling was getting attention of all the birders and seemed rather curious about the Large-billed Crows, turning its head from time to time. Birds of note for the morning are in a separate report by RN. Slowly scanning the trees from the other species of owls spotted at the same spot previously, I also found a pair of Yellow-rumped Flycatchers, constantly on the move with insects in their beaks, indicating possible nesting sites close by. Also spotted a Great Spotted Woodpecker hopping thrush-like on the ground. I also heard distant calls of a Eurasian Cuckoo while walking on the trail right next to the river.

Later in the day, I also tried out a habitat a few miles away that seemed promising on the map. Next to another popular tourist spot (and a camping site), it didn’t have many birds. Of note was the almost constant call of an Indian Cuckoo which remained invisible. There was a very vocal and visible Blue-and-White Flycatcher along with multiple Asian Stubtails, whose alarm calls echoed throughout the forest. Apart from that, there was an Eurasian Jay and a pair of very endearing Chipmunks.

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