Taejongdae (Busan), May 1

Bird News from Jason Loghry

I had a chance for a quick walk out at Taejongdae in the late afternoon. We had clear skies but it was a little windy and slightly warmer than I expected. Highlights of the walk include Cattle Egret (2) feasting on frogs, Grey Wagtail (1),  Stejneger’s Stonechat (5), Japanese Bush Warbler (2), Eastern Crowned Warbler (1), Asian Brown Flycatcher (2), Blue and White Flycatcher (3), and Ashy Minivet (3). Most active on this late afternoon were the thrushes. I was very excited to first find a Brown-headed Thrush bathing in a stream (finding three for the day), Pale Thrush (15) throughout the woods, Grey Thrush (1), and my day’s biggest surprise, Eyebrowed Thrush (4+) on the higher branches of the broad-leaved trees.

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