EAAFP: Wild Migratory Waterbirds are the Victims of Bird Flu, not the Cause

From the East Asian Australasian Flyway Partnership, January 24, 2014:

“As a new bird flu outbreak hits domestic duck farms in North Jeolla province in Korea this week, we are hearing the usual speculation and misinformation about the role of migratory waterbirds in the transmission of the disease. Mild, so-called Low Pathogenic, strains of avian influenza (LPAI) occur naturally in populations of wild and domestic birds, with no ill effects. However, High Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI), such as the H5N8 strain reported from North Jeolla, is generally a disease of domestic poultry (chickens and ducks) raised at very high densities in unnaturally confined conditions, such as duck farms. This strain has not been reported to occur in wild birds before. Statements that HPAI H5N8 may have originated with flocks of wild migratory birds have not been substantiated.”

To read the full statement, please click on the following link:


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