Busan, December 2

Biodiversity News (!), Nial Moores

A two-hour walk near the Birds Korea office in east Busan provided several interesting encounters. The first was a squid sp., swimming at the surface in a small harbour in wide arcs.  With a body probably a metre in length, this animal swam out and then repeatedly back towards the seawall and tetrapods, attracting the attention of several onlookers (a few of whom were wielding sticks).  Knowing very little about this species group, it would be great to learn – if possible – which species this is – and perhaps some possible reasons for its disorientated behaviour.  Any ideas?


Twenty minutes later, the next highlight was hearing then seeing two or three First Calendar-year Yellow-bellied Tit. This is only probably the third confirmed record in Igidae (with previous records in autumn 2012, during large movements of other tits).  Several were also seen near Jinju (100km to the west) by MF the same day. And, of course, this autumn there were multiple records of small flocks on offshore islands and also inland (at the National Arboretum in Seoul).  Also in Igidae, in the small part of the main park that was checked, most noteworthy were 20 Goldcrest, several small flocks of Yellow-throated Bunting, Brambling and Eurasian Siskin, two White-backed Woodpecker and at least a dozen Red Squirrel.


Igidae_dec-2-2013-3Unknown squid species. Any ideas? © Nial Moores

Igidae_dec-2-2013-2Red Squirrel Sciurus vulgaris © Nial Moores

Igidae_dec-2-2013-1Yellow-bellied Tit Periparus venustulus © Nial Moores


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  1. There is so little informations known on this aninal, the giant squid, but there was a interesting paper published on the journal “Nature” as I remember, the whole giant squids in worldwide could be a same single species followed by genetic informations of the specimens collected in worldwide…

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