Fall Report – Gwangju Bird Awareness Program

Fall Report – Gwangju Bird Awareness Program
보전 사명 (Birds Korea’s Mission )
Thank you to everyone for gathering and sharing as we raise awareness about conservation and birds in Gwangju.




Promotion: Gwangju News & Gwangju News Online

Fundraising:  Daein Night Art Market & GIC Day

Special Event: Birds Korea & Cornell SBS lecture at CNU (video and pictures sent to Birds Korea from CNU volunteers)

Socializing: Lunch with Prof Ha Cheol Sung, students and Birds Korea members after special event

Community Building:

  • Chairman of Green Way (local park) and GIC, Mr.Lee Geunwoo (lawyer) attended Birds Korea special event at CNU.
  • Mr Patrick Black joined GIC Tour to Damyang. Provided Photos & Tour write up for GIC Newsletter & GN

Bird Watching:

  • Mokpo w/Prof Siyoung Park , Mr Andreas Kim, Mr Patrick Blake and Ms. Melanie Proteau Blake
  • Suncheon by Mr Patrick Blake
  • Gwangju Rivers by Mr Patrick Blake


Promotion: Gwangju News & Gwangju News Online

Community Building:

  • Outreach to Mr Pedro Kim about coordinating any bird watching with Mr Patrick Blake and Prof Maria Lisak
  • Afternoon GPS mapping of Daechondong (Nov 18)
  • Dinner w/ Prof Sung & Ss to talk about field trips, clubs and editing asst (Nov 18)

Bird Watching: Haenam (Nov 23) Mr Patrick Blake and Prof Maria Lisak


Promotion: Gwangju News & Gwangju News Online (column written by Prof Newlin)

Special Event: GIC Talk of Prof R Newlin (GIC advertisement)

Bird Watching: Gangjin Bay & Geese, Swans, Ducks with Mr Andreas Kim.

Thursdays with Prof Sung in Suncheon: Hooded Cranes

Dec 14 – GFN Saturday Brunch with Ms. SyeJeong Kim. Mr Andreas Kim talks about Birds Korea and volunteering.

Other Topics of Interest of Things Afoot in Gwangju


Sept Daein Mkt 274,000

Sept Art St 147,000

Oct Daein Mkt 240,000

GIC Day 421,000

Total raised so far in 2013: 2,528,000 won

Member Benefits

Niio said if we wanted our 20% Birds Korea discount then we would have to ask Birds Korea to order for us.

In Process

Theater of the Oppressed Sensitivity Training (Gwangju Performance Project – Mr Travis Major – in discussions). Hoping for:


-Public Performances


Ms Kate Latham interested in volunteering. Met her at GIC Day.

Mr Sang Won Son wants to be an ornithologist when he grows up. I met this young man at GIC Day. He emailed me on his own.

Thanks everyone!

Prof Maria Lisak

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