Yellow-breasted Bunting to be uplisted to “Endangered”

Jason Loghry, Birds Korea
October 28, 2013

The good folks at Muraviovka Park and Amur region are always posting interesting and important news about their work and findings to the Amur Birding and Conservation blog. Just in case you missed it, check out their recent post from October 16. Data collected at Muraviovka Park were used to evaluate the current IUCN global conservation status of Yellow-breasted Bunting. The study results are alarming.

from the post: Yellow-breasted Bunting in decline

“While we found more than 100 breeding pairs, other studies in Siberia failed to find any single Yellow-breasted Bunting. All in all, the species will now be uplisted from “Vulnerable” to “Endangered”.

Eocheong-04-08-Yellow-breasted-Bunting_RNYellow-breasted Bunting Emberiza aureola, Photo © Robin Newlin

Rapid decline in Yellow-breasted Bunting population is unclear although likely the result of large-scale trade and excessive consumption in combination with reduced quality and quantity of wintering habitat. To learn more about Yellow-breasted Bunting, please read the Range Description and Major Threats sections of the IUCN Redlist page.

To learn more about the study please visit: University of Münster Working Group Ecosystem Research homepage

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