Update on Songdo Lagoon, Oct 12th

Bird News from Spike Millington

Just an update on Tim’s report from Songdo Lagoon (aka Namdong Reservoir) from Sunday. In addition to all the dabbling ducks, my first Common Pochard (31) and Greater Scaup (7) of the autumn had arrived. A dozen Common Shelducks had moved over from the mudflats. The flock of 12 delightful Marsh Sandpipers remain, but only one Spotted Redshank, and four Dunlin. No Grey Plover, but Tim’s note reminded me that I had been very surprised to see 4 Great Knot on the mud on 31 August, certainly a rare freshwater encounter – they really should know better! Highlight of Sunday afternoon was a splendid adult female Peregrine chasing the ducks, before perching in the dead trees on the island. An Osprey occupied another tree. This caused great consternation among the local Great Cormorants when they came in to roost in the evening to find their favourite perches already taken by a couple of intimidating raptors! A solitary Black-faced Spoonbill was feeding in the shallow water, with another 5 on the mudflats. The Spoon-billed Sandpiper was still on the University mudflats, but all its Red-necked Stint chums had moved on and he or she had to make do with Dunlins for company. At Michuhol Park, a juvenile Bull-headed Shrike was finding plenty of beetles to eat. Other birds there included Mugimaki Flycatcher (2), Olive-backed Pipit (3), Yellow-browed Warbler (5) and Daurian Redstart (1). No sign of last year’s Chinese Nuthatches though. 🙁

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