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How can we all help to conserve Avian Biodiversity?

Next month, the Republic of Korea will host the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) conference in Gangwon Province.

As part of preparation for this conference, and with the generous support of K-Water, Birds Korea will conduct an education program in the Nakdong Estuary on Saturday 27th September.

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Spoon-billed Sandpiper Survey

As part of Birds Korea role as Spoon-billed Sandpiper NGO Task Force member, survey of the Nakdong Estuary will be conducted by Birds Koreans in late September, and in the Geum Estuary (as tentatively proposed) on Sunday 28th September. Please … read more

Seorak Mountain, July 31

Bird News from Nial Moores, Jason Loghry and Ha Jung Mun As part of research both for Birds Korea’s report (Status of Birds, 2014) and a report on the conservation of forest birds in Gangwon Province with the Hanns Seidel … read more

East Busan, July 9

Birds News from Nial Moores A few hours in the field ahead of the first typhoon of the year to reach Kyushu (just across the Korean Strait) found little moving on the sea, with only c. 100 Black-tailed Gull “blogging” … read more