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Song Do School at IUCN WCC in Domestic Media

Birds Korea, September 10th

As reported in blogpost 5775 (https://www.birdskoreablog.org/?p=5775) students at Chadwick International School, Song Do (Incheon) have been hard at work during the year, preparing a scientific poster for the IUCN WCC. Under the guidance of science teacher Mr. Aaron Miller, the development of this poster describing the impacts of reclamation at Song Do on waterbirds was also supported by Birds Korea, the Incheon Black-faced Spoonbill Network, and by expert input from Dr. Yvonne Verkuil (IWSG, and one of the authors of the recent IUCN report), Mr. Ken Gosbell (AWSG), Dr. Scott Perkin (IUCN, who visited the school on September 2nd) and Dr. Kim Sanha (Microhabitat). Their poster, presented at the WCC on September 9th, has now been covered by domestic media:


Congratulations once more to the students, their teachers, and all concerned on helping to raise awareness and understanding of the impacts of reclamation at this internationally important site.

Work like this, to support key decision-makers and the general public with best information, will continue…