Baekryeong Island, April 28-29

Bird News from Nial Moores

In clear conditions with westerly then southwesterly winds, plenty of species on the move.

From the ferry on the 28th, two Northern Boobook , nine Ancient Murrelet and 4-5 Red-throated Loon were the highlights, with species of note in the afternoon on the island itself including four American Scoter still, two Daurian Starling, a Black Drongo and good numbers of regular migrants – including a half-dozen Richard’s Pipit, a dozen or more Stejneger’s Stonechat, 50+ Yellow-browed Warbler, and 5-6 Ochre-rumped, 30+ Chestnut-eared, 35-50 Yellow-browed, 100+ Black-faced and 150 Little Buntings.

rs-americanscoterAmerican Scoter Melanitta americana  © Nial Moores

rs-stejstonechat-0Stejneger’s Stonechat Saxicola stejnegeri © Nial Moores

rs-daurianstarling43Daurian Starling Agropsar sturninus © Nial Moores

rs-littlebunting-DSC03019Little Bunting Emberiza pusilla © Nial Moores

On the 29th, a (tragically oiled) Red-throated Loon was “yodeling” on a reservoir; and although there seemed to be fewer buntings around, there were three more species of starling (a dozen White-cheeked, 2+ Red-billed and rarest in the Korean context, a single White-shouldered Starling) and a good mix of wagtails, including two adult male taivana Eastern Yellow and a Citrine. There was also a decent spread of shorebirds which included single Black-winged Stilt and Pin-tailed Snipe, 3-4 Far Eastern Oystercatcher, 3+ Wood Sandpiper and three Long-toed Stint – with the day’s highlight a Grey-headed Lapwing.

rs-redthroatedloonRed-throated Loon Gavia stellata © Nial Moores

rs-whiteshouldered starling-DSC02941White-shouldered Starling Sturnia sinensis © Nial Moores

rs-citrinewagtaill2777Citrine Wagtail Motacilla citreola © Nial Moores

rs-feoystercatcherFar Eastern Oystercatcher Haematopus (ostralegus) osculans © Nial Moores

rs-woodsandpiperDSC02955Wood Sandpiper Tringa glareola © Nial Moores

rs-longtoedstintLong-toed Stint Calidris subminuta © Nial Moores


rs-grey-headedlapwing_2_111Grey-headed Lapwing Vanellus cinereus © Nial Moores

All images taken with a handheld sony camera through a truly superb Swarovski scope…

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