Geoje-do, October 7

Bird News from Matt Poll

There was plenty of early morning bird action at a quiet stream in a valley near town. A group of about twenty Japanese White-eye was joined by a mixed bag of Great, Varied, and Long-tailed Tit, and eventually by at least 30 Eurasian Siskin. Nearby, several Yellow-throated Buntings, Pale Thrush, and White’s Thrush, as well as Grey-headed, White-backed, and Japanese Pygmy Woodpecker were also seen. A Ussuri Mamushi pit viper was seen hunting frogs at the stream.

On the water, Spot-billed Duck numbers are up, and in the harbor are good numbers of Black-tailed Gulls, and a few Black-headed as well.

6 comments on “Geoje-do, October 7

  1. Thanks for the update ! So far this migration has been comparably good – I think a lot of us are very interested in what’s happening in Goeje. Cool about the Siskins – I’m curious to see if they too are one of these species experiencing an ‘irruption’. Haven’t seen any Siskins yet in Gimhae but have observed small numbers of Bramblings and numerous flocks of Varied Tits moving through. It’s been an exciting month. Please keep us posted on Goeje. Happy birding ^ ^

  2. Thank you for sharing the news Mr. Poll
    In my opinion, the second photo looks like a Yelow-throated Bunting rather than Yellow-browed Bunting.
    What’s your idea for my opinion?

    • I was really hoping it wasn’t a typo and that you had intended to post a photo of a Yellow-throated Bunting because I’m looking for a reason to visit and several Yellow-browed Buntings would definitely do it… but with how good it’s been, who knows the possibilities.

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