Motion 32 Passed at the IUCN WCC

Thanks to the concerted efforts of a large number of people from both NGO and GO bodies, Motion 32 calling for the “Conservation of the East Asian-Australasian Flyway and its threatened waterbirds, with particular reference to the Yellow Sea” has been adopted with 100% yes vote from the government house and 97.9% from the NGO house. The adopted version of the motion, still full of track changes, is at

The motion includes several clauses relevant to our work, including calling for the “Restoring (of) impounded internationally important intertidal wetlands through increasing tidal exchange to such sites.”

The development of this motion has already provided a meaningful focus of activity. Encourangingly, this includes for organisations that are either based outside of the region or that had not previously involved deeply in conservation of the Yellow Sea’s avian biodiversity. Although many people were involved in the drafting process of this motion at one time or another, special thanks are due to Ms. Nicola Crockford of the RSPB and to Dr. Simon Stuart (Chair of the IUCN Species Survival Commission), as well as to all those involved in drafting, writing and translating the related
IUCN commissioned report on intertidal wetlands.

Working for conservation of the Yellow Sea’s threatened waterbirds at the IUCN WCC. From left to right, Chief Millington of the East Asian-Australasian Flyway Partnership, Dr. Kim Jin-Han (Ministry of Environment, Republic of Korea), Ms. Nicola Crockford (RSPB, UK), Dr. Simon Stuart (Chair, IUCN SSC) and Dr. Scott Perkin (IUCN Asia office). Photo: copyright of Ali Stattersfield / BirdLife International.

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