Bongraesan (Busan), September 22

Birds News from Jason Loghry with Diego Montalvo and Will West

Starting our morning before dawn, we were greeted first by sunrise watchers and early morning hikers. It was a gorgeous clear morning, and a Saturday, so it was no surprise to see so many folks up and out so early. The first birds of the morning were Grey-streaked Flycatchers, which added up to 12 birds by our finishing time. After those first flycatchers, we started to see a few Chinese Sparrowhawk. At around 7am, we spotted our first big flock of 52 together, flying over the hill towards the sea. Then for about an hour we saw a few Northern Hobby (10 for the day), a Peregrine Falcon, and a few Large-billed Crow. Finally at 8am, a second by flock of 60+ Chinese Sparrowhawk flew over. We had a total of only 131 Chinese Sparrowhawk by noon. By ten o’clock, we were seeing very few birds. At noon, we finished. Other interesting species include Japanese Sparrowhawk (1), Arctic Warbler sensu lato (5), Barn Swallow (8), Asian Brown Flycatcher (2), Grey-headed Woodpecker (1) and Great-spotted Woodpecker (1).

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