Busan, April 26

Bird News from Jason Loghry

With very little wind, no sign of showers, and a high of 23°C in the daily forecast, I was a little reluctant to get out birding on a busy weekend. Still, I couldn’t resist and ventured to the Nakdong. Before I could get to my usual walking path, Far Eastern Cisticola (19) could already be heard singing. They appeared to be in every direction and the reeds were bustling with their song and display. Highlights of the morning include Pallas’s Reed Bunting (15), Penduline Tit (14), and Stejneger’s Stonechat (3). At a small wetland area there were Eurasian Spoonbill (1), Common Snipe (3), Spot-billed Duck (11), Eurasian Wigeon (3), and a beautiful male Garganey (1).

Continuing on my walk, I heard some very aggressive-sounding snarls and hissing coming from the reeds. As I stopped to listen, two Amur Leopard Cats suddenly raced across the dusty path into the nearby bush. Seconds later, two Japanese Quail darted in the opposite direction, with one of the cats jumping mid-air after them, with its claws out grasping for a kill. Luckily, the quail escaped unharmed. I waited around quietly to see if there would be any more action, but both cat and quail disappeared into the reeds. I counted five Japanese Quail for the day.

I moved on to Myeongji tidal flat and found the tide to be slowly returning. In the distance, I observed Dunlin (300+), Mongolian Plover (12), Kentish Plover (5), Little-ringed Plover (11), Grey Plover (3), Sanderling (2), Common Greenshank (1), and a Black-faced Spoonbill (1).

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