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SAVE International: “Green” New Deal Projects Threaten Korea’s Rivers and Tidal Flats

Check out SAVE International’s new article in the September 2011 World Rivers Review about the threat of “Green Growth” projects.  SAVE discusses the highly problematic engineering scheme, The Four Major Rivers Restoration Project, as well as the “Not-So-Green” construction of 6 Tidal Power Plants along the western coast of the peninsula.

To learn more, you can visit Environment Magazine and read, “A Conflict of Greens: Green Development Versus Habitat Preservation – The Case of Incheon, South Korea“.

SAVE International, along with other partners in the Republic of Korea and at the University of California – Berkeley, have been studying how Tidal Power Plants would affect the coastal ecosystem, including the tidal wetlands that Black-faced Spoonbills and other birds need in order to survive.

Founded in 1997, SAVE’s mission is to save the endangered Black-faced Spoonbill (Platalea minor) from extinction by protecting important habitat and cultures while promoting sustainable development throughout the bird’s migratory flyway.

For more about Tidal Power in the Republic of Korea, please visit here. For more about SAVE International, please visit here.

The newly completed levee near Sangju Dam, part of the Four Rivers project, collapsed on June 25, 2011.

Photo by © Kim/GR