2011 Birds Korea World Migratory Bird Day Birdathon Results

Very big THANK YOU! to those who participated and to those who sponsored. This year we were focused on bringing awareness to the impacts of humankind on the global environment and migratory species, and raising funds for research and conservation efforts of a very dear species that is most certainly impacted by human development, the Critically Endangered Spoon-billed Sandpiper.

Here is our list of this year’s most excellent Birdathoners (participants) and their results:

Nial Moores with 104 species at Eocheong-do, Barry Heinrich with 93 species, Dominic Le Croissette with 64 species on Gageo-do, Mike Friel with 50 species at Upo, Junam, Jinseong, & Uiryoung, J.P. Loghry with 48 species in East Busan, and Brad Sulentic with 45 species also in East Busan. Special thanks to Park Meena counting 9, Park Jaehyeung counting 13, Han Kyunghoon counting 11, Lee Soohan counting 14, Lee Joonhan counting 11, and Jung Yukyung counting 6!

A very kind thanks to all the sponsors and donors. Your support is greatly appreciated. For those who could not participate this year, not to worry as we have next year! Some special Birdathon reports will be posted separately. Thanks again! And until next year, happy birding!!

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