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Extinct Boids!

Creative conservation is very cool! Be sure and check out Charlie Moore’s interview with documentary-maker, art collector, writer, podcaster, BirdLife Species Champion Ceri Levy on Talking Naturally! Ceri Levy’s project, Ghosts of Gone Birds, is a collective of artists creating … read more

Eocheong-do, May 8-10

Bird News by Jason P. Loghry, with Nial Moores and Amaël Borzée. A very interesting Narcissus Flycatcher Ficedula narcissina Photo ©​ Jason P. Loghry Reading even the most extraordinary news from Eocheong-do during spring migration doesn’t compare to an actual … read more

East Busan, April 8-9

Bird News from Jason Loghry and Nial Moores April 8th (Loghry & Moores) An early, cool, rainy morning provided for minimal disturbance during the first portion of our walk. The songs of Pale Thrushes echoed through a wet forest. 5 … read more

New airport plans halted

“The two proposed sites for the new airport, one on a manmade island southwest of Busan and another near Miryang about 30 miles northwest of the city, would both require expensive alterations to be suitable, according to the airport commission. … read more