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First Notice: Birdathon 2015

Birds Korea’s Fifth Birdathon will be held this year between Saturday, the 2nd of May and Sunday, the 10th of May. Timed to celebrate World Migratory Bird Day (on May 9th-10th), we aim to raise funds towards publishing the Korean-language … read more

Igidae, April 3

Bird News from Nial Moores After overnight rain, generally overcast, with the wind swinging from light south-westerly to moderate or strong north-easterly and very dark skies. In a few hours in the field, much evidence that spring migration is now … read more

Near Seoul, March 22

Nial Moores with Team Thai On our last day together, we headed to a well-known area of forest near Seoul to see if we could find any Hazel Grouse, a widespread, stunningly-patterned but often hard-to-see species here. With excellent directions … read more