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Seogwipo, March 14

Bird News from Matt Poll

At ‘Redpoll Hill’, a brief sighting of a Yellow-browed Warbler on March 4th was followed by a much better listen/look at three individuals on March 13th. On the same day, a single Goldcrest was seen (my first Goldcrest on Jeju in 3+ years), and several Tristram’s Bunting still. Also, a possible Black Wood Pigeon – a large dark pigeon clacked its wings loudly as it took off, then flew strongly through the canopy. On March 14th, I spotted my first Barn Swallows of the year, just east of town. I watched 30+ swooping over an artificial pond for an enjoyable 20 minutes.

Seogwipo, February 14

Bird News from Matt Poll While on a bird-walk through the coniferous hills near town, I spotted a single Common Redpoll mixed in with about two dozen Eurasian Siskin – a noteworthy record for Jeju. Common Redpoll Acanthis flammea. Photo … read more