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Event: Aug 24 – 25 Seawatching Trip

Posted by Jason Loghry, August 1

Dear Birds Korea Members:

We are intending to do a seawatching trip from a fishing boat off Heuksan over the weekend of August 24-25. Members are most welcome, but it should be pointed out that it will be expensive (the fishing boat costs about 700-800,000 won for most of the day) and therefore only good value if 5-10 folks can participate and share costs. The main focus of this trip will be seabirds such as shearwaters, storm petrels, and skuas.

Please leave a comment below or send me an email at jason.loghry@birdskorea.org to confirm. August 14th is the deadline.

If you are not a Birds Korea member but would like to be, and would like to join us on this trip, please visit follow the link below, join us, and let me know!


South Polar SkuaSouth Polar Skua Stercorarius maccormicki, August 29th, 2012 © Dr. Rainer Ertel

Calonectris-leucomelas-7Streaked Shearwater Calonectris leucomelas August 30th, 2009 © Robin Newlin