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Nakdong Estuary, July 8

Bird News by Jason Loghry

After hearing about the Tufted Puffin found at Gochang, and then reading about ENSO-related seabird news in the last few days, I wonder if the ROK is likely to experience any other remarkable seabird sightings in the near future. Today after a long and heavy thunderstorm, the skies cleared quickly enough to allow for a check at the Nakdong Estuary before sunset. At Myeongji, species observed include Styan’s Grasshopper Warbler, Oriental Reed Warbler, Far Eastern Cisticola, Grey-capped Greenfinch, several Barn Swallow (60+), a very distant Swan (likely a Whooper), several Eastern Spot-billed Duck (120+), and a distant calling Eurasian Curlew. After sunset, with just enough light, there was time to check one other favorite patch. Luckily I did. There was one bird in flight I couldn’t make out. I watched it for a while and then saw it land nearby. A closer look revealed a personal first, Oriental Pratincole.

AWSG 2014 Wader and Tern Expedition to Northwest Australia: February 16 – March 9

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