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Han River, Seoul, March 8th

Tim Edelsten with Robin Newlin & Rob MacFie

At Oksu today, the regular pre-migratory gathering of ducks made a spectacular sight as they swarmed in an ever tighter bunch toward sunset. Undoubted star of the occasion (seen quite distantly) was a male Baer’s Pochard-“type”  (that seems to have some hybrid influence?). In the field I noted a green sheen to the head, with some cinnamon tints around the eye, forehead and base of bill. It displayed briefly as well, whereby the back of the neck suddenly  pops out  (which I have seen pure  male Baer’s do previously). It also had a deep plum-coloured breast and pale yellow eye. The photos were taken at very long range. Opinions as to the identity of this individual are welcome.


Hybrid Baer’s Pochard? @ R. Newlin


Hybrid Baer’s Pochard? @ R. Newlin

Also present, the male Ferruginous Duck and a drake Red-crested Pochard, a distant, unidentified dark duck (on brief views looking like a female Ferruginous Duck), as well as apparently the same pink-breasted, grey-bodied Common Pochard X Baer’s (?) hybrid that was present last winter.


Hybrid Baer’s Pochard? @ R. Newlin

In other news, I counted 15,090 Common Pochard and 2100 Tufted Duck; there were also 8 Smew and 32 Little Grebe. Also noteworthy, a large concentration of c.1000 Mongolian Gull.

Han River, May 8


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