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Han River, May 8

Bird News from Robin Newlin and Dr. Shim Kyu-Sik

A visited to a wooded riverside area yielded 4 Mandarin Ducks perched high in the trees, a Yellow-rumped Flycatcher, a Eurasian Nuthatch, a calling Oriental Scops Owl, and 1 adult and 2 fledgling Eastern Tawny Owls.

Eastern Tawny Owl Strix nivicolum, © Robin Newlin

Winter trip report, February 19-21

Belated Bird News from Malcolm Oxlade, Stephen Elliott, Andrew Ashworth, Christopher Straw and Nial Moores: February 19th-21st   Song Do: yet another internationally important wetland being lost to “reclamation”. Image © Nial Moores/Birds Korea.   February 21st, Cheorwon, National Arboretum, … read more