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Four Rivers evangelists now tight-lipped about disastrous project

Hankyoreh, Jul.10,2014 16:23 KST

By Kim Kyung-wook, Kim Jeong-su and Kim Kyu-won, staff reporters

Pervasive algal blooms and invasive bryozoans. Bedrock collapsing from excessive dredging. A mountain of debt for the Korea Water Resources Corporation (K-water). A host of problems are emerging with the Four Major Rivers Project, the massive effort pushed under the administration of former president Lee Myung-bak (2003-08). But the politicians, officials, and experts who pushed for the project, which started out as an idea for a “Grand Korean Waterway,” are showing no sign of regret or reflection.

Due to construction related to the Four Major Rivers project, the flow of the Nakdong River was disrupted, causing worsening algae blooms, July 30. Over the past two weeks in Changnyeong County, South Gyeongsang Province, the severity of the algae blooms has been increasing past the permissible level, leading to the first ever algae warning to be issued.

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