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  • WWF-Korea Seeks Fund-raising Manager

    2014/04/24 6:49:40 pmAndreas Kim
    Last month, WWF opened their first office in Korea, in Seoul (see:
    We have been informed that they are now seeking a high-quality fund-raising manager. Details of this
    WWF-Korea post and the application process are at:
    Read more

  • Highlights from 6 days on Gageo, April 16 – 22

    2014/04/24 10:02:51 amJason Loghry
    Wood-Sandpiper_RNBird News from Robin Newlin and (for a while) Subhojit Chakladar
    Tuesday 22nd: Tuesday before the boat added a Common Sandpiper. Fewer Yellow Bunting — 2 seen. A Chinese Pond Heron in the main village looked like … Read more

  • Gageo-do, April 19 – 20

    2014/04/23 11:19:02 pmSubhojit Chakladar
    WhiteShoulderedStarling_6 (1 of 1)Bird new from Subhojit Chakladar with Robin Newlin
    The regular weekend dash to Gageo to check out what the migration has brought forth. The sea crossing under overcast and increasingly windy conditions produced half a dozen … Read more

  • Bird spring migration at Khakassky reserve

    2014/04/23 7:46:14 pmAndreas Kim
    Khakassky-1By Elena Kim
    More than 200 whooper swans have migrated to reserve’s Lake Ulug-Kol this weekend. Saline lakes usually thaw out earlier than fresh water lakes; and it is the early spring that encouraged the birds … Read more

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