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Bird Sightings

Common Pochard

Taewhagang, Ulsan January 18

Bird News from Johan Kok My wife joined me for a leisurely walk along the Jung-gu section of the Taewhagang in Ulsan.  This time we walked east toward Nam-gu, from … read more


Gwangju Birds Korea: “Big Day” Fundraiser

Event News from Patrick Blake Gwangju Birds Korea is hosting an outing on December 28, 2014, to the Gwangjuho Lake Ecology Park in Chunghyo-dong, Gwangju. Participants will help scout out … read more

Public Awareness


Birders Against Wildlife Crime – a new campaign group

Charlie Moores, one of Birds Korea’s co-founders, recently helped set up a new campaign group aiming to help as many people as possible (birders, countryside users, hikers, etc) to Recognise, … read more



새와생명의터 2014 조류목록 탄생

  봄이 절정인 때에,  지천에서 색이 한껏 오른 꽃잎을  틔우는 나무처럼 새와생명의터 웹사이트에는 오랜 시간과 열정을 쏟은 ‘새와생명의터 2014 대한민국 조류목록‘을 선보였습니다. 마무리를 지을 때 쯤이면 발목을 잡는(특히 발표가 늦어진 … read more

Eco Classes


Obang Elementary Birds club

Jason Loghry, July 22 All of us at Birds Korea care for biodiversity and we do our best to involves others in the work we do. Over the past two … read more

General Interest

SunnySchoolClimate Subs

Translator Kids Help Launch New Film Fest

by Julian Warmington   The top team of ace young translators for Busan Climate Change Film Fest (Middle school aged students translated English subtitles of ‘Chasing Ice’ into Korean.)   … read more