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  • Third Notice: Foot-It Birdathon, April 25 – May 4

    2014/04/20 9:37:07 pmJason LoghryBirds Korea, April 20th
    Dear Participants and Supporters,
    This is the third and final public notice for this year’s Birdathon.
    Like previous years, this is a small event that nonetheless will help us to raise some essential additional … Read more

  • 2014 Birds Korea Checklist Posted

    2014/04/20 8:37:45 pmJason LoghryBirds-Korea-Checklist-April-2014Nial Moores, April 20th 2014
    The revised English-language Birds Korea Checklist is now online at:
    The Korean language version is also available of course, at:
    As stated in the introduction: “The Birds Korea 2014 Checklist contains more than … Read more

  • 2014.04.13-16 가거도

    2014/04/17 8:24:36 pmHa Jung Moon쇠종다리탐조인 장지웅
    4월 13일
    흑산도로 향하던 해상에서 슴새 20여 개체를 관찰하였습니다.
    도착해서 바로 2구로 이동하며 탐조를 시작하였는데 유달리 황금새가 많았습니다.
    4월 14일
    탐조보다는 산행이 주가 되어버렸지만.. 후박나무와 동백나무 숲에서 많은 수의 숲새 및 지빠귀류를 관찰했으며, 흑비둘기 울음소리가 곳곳에서 들렸습니다.
    신선봉에서 항리마을로 … Read more

  • Igidae, East Busan, April 15

    2014/04/15 8:56:47 pmJason LoghryYellow-throated-Bunting_NMBird News from Nial Moores
    In warm afternoon sunshine (reaching 22°C), a few hours spent in woodland at Igidae. High numbers still of Brown-eared Bulbul (50+ seen), Vinous-throated Parrotbill (dozens) and Yellow-throated Bunting (tens, with several … Read more

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