Ansan and Dongmak, January 19

Bird news from Subhojit Chakladar

Full day of birding at different spots that I used to visit more frequently in the past. At dawn, the stream coming out of the Reed Park in Ansan was completely frozen over. There was evidence of reasonable amount of activity in the reedbeds and bushes. At least 3 dozen thrushes, mostly Naumann’s and a few Dusky Thrush, 8 Eurasian Bullfinch, single digit numbers of Rustic Bunting and Black-faced Bunting. Walking along the stream, 100+ Pallas’s Reed Bunting and at least 2 Common Reed Bunting, 3 Long Tailed Rosefinch. Only raptors were a distant Eastern Buzzard and an unusually large Eurasian Sparrowhawk.

At noon, right outside Dongmak station, the most concentrated flock of thrushes I’ve ever seen. Composed of almost equal numbers of Naumann’s and Dusky, it numbered more than 50 birds within a very small area. The lagoon was completely frozen but of the streams running into it still had open water, supporting the usual winter waterfowl. Checking out for gulls in what used to be mudflats, the only ones close enough for my binoculars were 3 Black-headed Gull and 1 Saunder’s Gull. A group of 30+ Ruddy Shelduck flew over head and joined the other waterfowl on the stream near the lagoon. The other bird of note mixed with the thrushes was a Great Spotted Woodpecker.

Late in the afternoon, joined Tim Edelsten in search of rosefinches in the overgrown golf course. Birds from that part of the day are in a separate report.

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