Pledge to Fledge: Are you Birding on August 24th, 25th or 26th?

Birds Korea, August 3rd

To all Birds Koreans and readers of our blog: please find below an invitation to participate (we hope in the name of Birds Korea!) in a new global initiative called “Pledge to Fledge”. This invitation below to participate comes direct from Mr. Richard Crossley – author of an exciting and innovative field guide series (for more, see:, and one of the core members of this new birding movement:

“We would like to invite Birds Korea to join a new global birding initiative. The Pledge to Fledge (P2F) Campaign is an international grassroots movement to mobilize birders worldwide to share their appreciation of birds with others. P2F’s ultimate goal is to promote awareness of wild birds and bird conservation issues.  We aim to encourage ALL birders around the world in their own “Pledge to Fledge”. This is, simply put, a personal commitment to take at least 1 person and spark an interest in birds and a love of nature, “fledging” a new birder.

The first P2F Campaign takes flight on August 24-26th, 2012. That weekend, birders worldwide are encouraged to take a friend, neighbor or schoolchild out to experience the thrill of searching for, observing, and identifying birds in their natural habitats.

There is a Pledge on the website  By signing The Pledge, people are supporting conservation, because power comes with numbers.

The goal of P2F is to positively impact the conservation of our shared birds and the habitats upon which they depend.  We hope that you will join us and take somebody you know out to look at birds. Your photos and stories can be shared on website or facebook.   Your help will support Birds Korea and birding worldwide.”

Please post your comments in response, and let us know how you can help Birds Korea and the Republic of Korea get involved!

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