Jankowski’s Bunting conservation workshop in China

Jankowski’s/Rufous-backed Bunting Emberiza jankowskii is a highly Endangered (likely Critically Endangered) species probably now restricted to just a very small area of mixed grassland in Jilin, China. Changes in land-use brought on by intensive agriculture has pushed this close relative of the Meadow Bunting to the brink of extinction.

The following mail from Dave Buckingham, OBC Conservation Committee, was posted on the OB listserve on June 15th:

  • “A round-table meeting on the conservation of Jankowski’s Bunting took place last week at Tumuji National Nature Reserve (6-8th June). Representatives attended from Tumuji and Keerqin NNRs, BirdLife International, Beijing Bird Watching Society (who conducted surveys in 2011 and 12), the National Bird Banding Centre and Northeast Normal University.
    The participants also visited Keerqin Nature Reserve and found Jankowski’s Buntings at both Keerqin and Tumuji. The meeting was constructive and the results were encouraging. In addition to better local protection, there are now plans for habitat restoration, increasing local awareness of the species’ requirements and ongoing advocacy work to secure support at the government level.

    We are particularly grateful to OBC member, Martin Hale for his generous
    private donation, which paid for this important meeting.

    BirdLife International has just published a press release summarizing
    the initiative:


    Martin’s Birding Asia article on the plight of Jankowski’s bunting can
    be seen at:



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