Jeju-do, South coast and Hado-Ri wetland, October 22-24, 2020 – Raptors, ducks and more

Dr. Bernhard Seliger (Hanns-Seidel-Foundation Korea, Birds Korea)

One day and a morning of birding between a conference on Jeju-Do. Construction all around the island is going on, seemingly barely slowed by the Covid-19 crisis. Anyhow, the small streams leading down to the sea are still lovely, and so is Hado-ri wetland, in particular the backside. Ducks and raptors have already arrived for wintering , with hundreds of Coots, Eurasian Wigeon, Pintails, Mallards, Spot-billed Ducks, plus a few Common Pochards, Falcated Ducks, Little Grebes etc. No Tufted Ducks yet. Jeju-Do is lovely, all the time you come, but you have to search for the loveliness in mid the ongoing construction more and more, and in particular Jeju City seems to be sprawling like an unstoppable cancer into nature. Let us hope a good balance between needs of the citizens, the tourists and nature can be found in the future!

Pacific Reef Egret Egretta sacra In the many small streams leading to the sea and in rocks around Jeju Island an common view. © Bernhard Seliger
Blackfaced Spoonbills Platalea Minor 12 were roosting on the rocks of Hado-Ri on 22nd, 17 on 24th © Bernhard Seliger
Western Osprey Pandion haliaetus Four were active hunting on 22nd and 24th © Bernhard Seliger
Eastern Marsh Harrier Circus spilonotus © Bernhard Seliger
Grey heron Ardea cinerea © Bernhard Seliger
Ducks flushed by a hunting raptor © Bernhard Seliger
Peregrine falcon Falco peregrinus © Bernhard Seliger
Blackfaced Spoonbills Platalea Minor The left bird with a red-and-yellow legband © Bernhard Seliger
View of Hado-Ri wetland © Bernhard Seliger

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