Janghyang Wetland, Han River from Goyang to Paju, 9th March

Bird News from Dr DongUk Han (ECO Korea), Dr. Hyun-Ah Choi and Dr. Bernhard Seliger (both Hanns Seidel Foundation Korea, Birds Korea lifetime members)

A nice spring-morning survey along the Han River from Goyang to Paju, in particular in Janghyang Wetland, together with the wonderful citizen monitoring team of ECO Korea, led by Dr. Han DongUk, brought the following results:

In Janghyang wetland area:

  • 71 White-naped cranes roosting in Janghyang Wetland in the morning. All of them were migrants staying during mid-winter in Izumi, Japan. While many fed along the banks of a flooded rice paddy, a habit they seem to have learned in Izumi, by the mid-morning they all had flown of to rice paddies.
  • 2 Ruddy Shelducks
  • Around 10.000 Black-tailed gulls
  • 2 White-tailed Sea Eagle

Isanpo Tidal area:

  • 185 Swan Goose
  • 5 White-tailed Sea Eagle
  • 2500 Black-tailed gulls

The citizen monitoring is an ongoing endeavor since 2004. By the afternoon, the count team counted on the whole stretch more than 16.500 Common Pochards, 12.500 Black-tailed gulls and 10.000 Vega gulls plus 2500 Mallards.

One issue of concern is the planned construction of a new town on the other side of the road. Eco-Korea proposes as buffer zone between the residential areas and the road. If not, high rises may directly look over the wetlands, with the great danger of reducing further necessary habitat and resting zones…

White-naped cranes Grus vipio feeding along the bank of a flooded rice paddy rather than roosting in it – this seems to be a habit they have contracted in Izumi, Japan, where they are fed along the banks of the paddies © Bernhard Seliger
White-naped cranes Grus vipio flying off. During the day, they feed on rice paddies. © Bernhard Seliger
Ruddy Shelduck Tadorna ferruguinea © Bernhard Seliger
Mixed flock of gulls and Swan Geese Anser cygnoides © Bernhard Seliger
Thank you for an interesting survey, Dr Han! © Hyun-Ah Choi

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