Yongjeong, January 31

Bird News from Tim Edelsten

Given the increasing disturbance by recreational fishermen and numerous spent shotgun cartridges scattered along its banks, it is not surprising that the western reservoir near Wangsan held significantly reduced numbers of wildfowl. Counts -which can be compared to last year- included the following:


  1. Taiga Bean Goose Anser fabalis. Up to 500 Beans (presumed to be of this taxon due to apparent long-billed appearance, although of variable neck length) roosted on the open reclaimed area and later flew to the saltpans.
  2. Whooper Swan Cygnus cygnus. 23.
  3. Gadwall Anas strepera. 14.
  4. Falcated Duck Anas falcata. 210.
  5. Eurasian Wigeon Anas penelope. Ten.
  6. Mallard Anas platyrhynchos. Eight.
  7. Northern Pintail Anas acuta. One.
  8. Common Pochard Aythya ferina. 120.
  9. Tufted Duck Aythya fuligula. Six.
  10. Common Goldeneye Bucephala clangula. 11.
  11. Smew Mergellus albellus. One.
  12. Common Merganser Mergus merganser. 11.
  13. Hen Harrier Circus cyaneus.
  14. White-tailed Eagle Haliaeetus albicilla. Two circling over the reservoir.
  15. Eastern Buzzard Buteo japonicus.
  16. Eurasian Coot Fulica atra. 680 on the reservoir.
  17. Eurasian Skylark Alauda arvensis. Five on the stony reclaimed area.
  18. Eurasian Wren Troglodytes troglodytes. Several noted.
  19. Meadow Bunting Emberiza cioides. A pair in the reeds.
  20. Pallas’s Reed Bunting Emberiza pallasi. Ten or so.
  21. Common Reed Bunting Emberiza schoeniclus. 15+


Taiga Bean Goose Anser fabalis, © Tim Edelsten



Hen Harrier Circus cyaneus, © Tim Edelsten

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