Daily Archives: 16/09/2019

Northern Wheatear and other birds in Siam Wetland, Gimpo

Bird news of Bernhard Seliger (Hanns Seidel Foundation, Birds Korea), Choi Hyun-Ah (Hanns Seidel Foundation, Birds Korea), Vivian Fu (East Asian Australasian Flyway Partnership) and Denise Frömel (Hanns Seidel Foundation)

A return to the beautiful scenery of Hwasong, Siam Wetland and the are near Yudo Islet in Hangang River Estuary brought a number of great views of late summer birds and migrants, plus a major surprise.

This was a Northern Wheatear, seated at the fence separating the rice fields from Han River, Siam Wetland. Did the taifun Lingling bring the vagrant? The bird looked very calm, but otherwise healthy.

Other notable birds include a Curlew Sandpiper (sadly, without an adequate photo), a number of other waders (Common Sandpiper, Wood Sandpiper, Terek Sandpiper, Red-necked Stints, Common Greenshank), at least 11 Chinese Pond Herons and more than 25 Mandarin Ducks. Additionally, there were 17 Black-faced Spoonbills (though 3 of them were in fact on DPRK territory, opposite of Yudo Islet, a presumed breeding ground of the birds. Satellite tags indicate that birds frequently cross the Han River to roost and forage in either the Northern or Southern river area.

Northern Wheatear. Oenanthe oenanthe. © Bernhard Seliger
Northern Wheatear. Oenanthe oenanthe. © Vivian Fu.
Chinese Pond Heron. Ardeola bacchus. © Bernhard Seliger
Eurasian Hoopoe. Upupa epops. © Bernhard Seliger
Wood Sandpiper. Tringa glareola. © Bernhard Seliger
Eastern Cattle Egret. Bubulcus coromandus. © Bernhard Seliger
Black-faced Spoonbill. Platalea minor. © Bernhard Seliger