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Birds Korea Checklist (2018): Re-Posted (April 2nd)

Following some helpful feedback and additional editing (thanks Mr Ha Jung Moon!) , the Birds Korea Checklist 2018 has been re-posted, and again is available for download, in English:


And in Korean:


The Birds Korea Checklist (2018) covers the Republic of Korea and currently contains 551 adequately-documented, naturally-occurring species and an additional 20+ species that lack adequate documentation. It also identifies 140 species as conservation priorities, based on their global and / or national conservation status.

We thank Birds Koreans past and present for their valuable contributions in helping to develop earlier versions of the Birds Korea checklist, first in 2007 – most especially Andreas Kim and Park Jong-Gil – and Matt Poll and Miklós Rapala for their help with  the 2018 Checklist.

As always, we continue to welcome your feedback and comments.

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