Sign Up for Outdoor Classroom Day: 18 May 2017

I came across this event today, and it looks amazing: Outdoor Classroom Day

It’s a great idea for all of the teachers we know, so please spread the word. On the website, there are some really cool resources, lesson plans, ideas, etc. For many of you, they can be adapted into Korean language for your students unless it’s an English class. But either way, it’s a great opportunity to inspire students to learn and play outside in nature. So far, it seems no one has signed up in Korea, so hoping to see some of our members and readers get involved and get signed up. Good luck and if you need any advice, or would like to involve through Birds Korea, you can contact me at Looking forward to hearing about your outdoor classroom day ! – Jason Loghry, Birds Korea

From the website:


Outdoor Classroom Day is a day to celebrate and inspire learning and play outside the classroom, and we want YOU to get involved! Join schools from across the world in taking at least one class outdoors on 18 May, and celebrate how important your playtime is too!

Outdoor Classroom Day builds on the UK’s Empty Classroom Day and is backed by Unilever’s Dirt is Good movement. It’s a GLOBAL campaign, so there will be loads of opportunities to share experiences with other schools around the world!

Check out the Resources section for inspirational lesson plans, posters and advice on how to make Outdoor Classroom Day a huge success – and ideas to sustain outdoor play and learning all year round.

We’re looking for organisations that are keen to help us lead Outdoor Classroom Day in various countries around the world. Interested? Get in touch.

Sign up below (on their website) to take part and help us build a movement that gets children outdoors to play and learn every day!

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