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Support BAWC ‘s first field project

Our friends at BAWC (Birders Against Wildlife Crime) have announced their first field project studying birds of prey and persecution. If you are able to support them, please check out their Crowdfunding page below and donate, and also spread the word:


“BAWC is pleased to announce our first field project. We are working with experienced raptor workers to tag birds of prey in the north of England. The aim will be to study birds of prey and to gain evidence of raptor persecution in known persecution hot-spots. Technical field testing has already been carried out and we expect the first birds to be tagged by licensed raptor workers this season. We hope that you will understand that we need to be rather tight-lipped about exactly what we are planning to do, where we are planning to do it and especially who is involved. Even those who kill raptors can use the internet!

Will you support this project and help reduce wildlife crime? We need to raise £19,000 in the next six weeks to get this project off to a flying start in 2017. Please give us your support.”

Birders Against Wildlife Crime (BAWC) is an independent, volunteer-led, campaign group set up in 2014 by a group of experienced birders and conservationists who just like you are sick of the number of crimes being committed against wildlife.

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