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JJG Plu fulva (2) Gageo-Do 28-4-14 - Copie

Heuksan and Gageo Islands, April 20 – May 1 2014

Trip report by Philippe Malenfert and Jean-Jacques Guillou

Read the magnificent trip report with about 150 species accounts and c. 60 bird and landscape images from their recent spring visit to Heuksan Island and Gageo Island which is now online on the Birds Korea website:

Trip Report: Heuksan and Gageo Islands, April 20 – May 1 2014

Note: this report has an English and a French part; in the French part all species names are in French and English so that readers can easily understand names, dates and numbers even if not familiear with the French language.

Gageo Island © Philippe Malenfert

Pluvier fauve / Pacific Golden Plover Pluvialis fulva, 28/4/2014, © Jean-Jacques Guillou

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