Bird Sightings


Gyeyangsan, Incheon, February 10th

Tim Edelsten. Already a hint of spring on the mountain today, with magpies collecting sticks for their nests and a Grey-headed Woodpecker drumming in the mild and sunny weather.


Siberian Accentor Prunella montanella

From the solar tower, an Upland Buzzard clashed in mid-air with one of three smaller Eastern Buzzard, providing a nice contrasting view of the uppersides of both banking upward into the blue sky; later it hovered for a brief moment.


Rustic Bunting Emberiza rustica

Among other expected species, an Azure-winged Magpie, a Dusky Thrush and party of Long-tailed tits. The rock pool was the epicentre of activity with bathing parrotbills, two Grey-capped Greenfinch, two Rustic Bunting and two Naummann’s Thrush.


Grey-capped Greenfinch Chloris sinica

There were also at least seven Siberian Accentor, two of which seemed so intelligent and personable, as they sat and watched me from atop a low scrub bush.


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