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Shanghai Birding: A Look at Three Herring-type Gulls

For those interested in finding out more about birds on the other side of the Yellow Sea in Shanghai, please check out Craig Brelsford’s English-language Shanghai Birding.  For an article on the same blog looking at Mongolian, Taimyr and Vega Gulls, please see:

GUEST POST: An Introduction to the Three Widespread Herring-type Gulls in East Asia

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Birds in Jeju-Do, April 2017

4 - Japanese White eye

Bird news from Bernhard Seliger with Ji-Hyun Park, Johann Seliger and Joseph Seliger Following are some photos from a (mainly not-bird-themed!) trip to Jeju-do. Around the Jumun beach resort, thrushes, wagtails, tits, flycatcher and other small birds where seen, including … read more