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  1. I just wonder if this bulbul has spread to the whole Korean peninsular (including DPRK) through the Yellow Sea coastline from China.

    • Hello. Thank you for your question. The Light-vented Bulbul was first recorded in the ROK in 2002 and in the DPRK in 2015 or 2016. During the 2000s, the species colonised several islands and a few strictly coastal areas along the west and south coast of the ROK. By the early-mid 2010s, the species was established as a breeder on the east coast (on the Guryongpo Peninsula) and soon after appeared to be spreading inland – especially close to the west coast. There are an increasing number of records in some urban and near-urban areas in winter in the ROK; and while coverage is very limited in the DPRK, the species appears at least to have started to appear along the west coast there. For now, the species remains rare in some provinces, but seems set to occupy most low-lying areas in the west and more locally coastal areas in the south and east of the Korean Peninsula.

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